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Hand-painted Ranson Open Sugar (N initial, 5") $55 Click for Larger Image

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Clover- Schleiger 98 , demitasse cup and Saucer $55

2 sets availableClick For Larger Image 



Varenne by Theodore Haviland (New York) (click here for list)

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Very Early Vibrant Brown Bowl (factory # 2259)  $ 55

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Haviland Old Pansy (aka Pink and Grey) dinner plate $40 (3 in stock), 9 3/4 inches

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Haviland Schleiger 234 Platter - 12 3/4 by 8 1/4 inches $55

Baltimore Rose- Schleiger 1151, Bread $55Click for Larger Image Clover- Schleiger 98 , demitasse cup and Saucer $55

2 sets availableClick For Larger Image 


Haviland Ranson Demitasse cup and Saucer (also called 1st AD - after dinner)- 2 1/2 inches diameter Click for Larger image  $55  (5 in stock)





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Haviland Norma (Schleiger 233) Creamer $55

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Click for Larger ImageSchleiger 87D Dinner Plate, $55

 Books:  (other Out-of Print Haviland books also available, call for details as stock varies- BOOKS SHIPPED MEDIA rate unless other arrangements made- International people email me for rates)
Porcelain of Paris 1770-1850 by Regine De Plinval De Guillebon  -361pp 243 plates (many in colour) plus marks-  translated by Robin R. Charleston into English  $175

Porcelain of Paris 1770-1850-Good condition, slight tear on dustjacket (see above)

"La Porcelaine De Limoges"- book is in French , 1982 - out of print. by Jean d'Albis and Celeste Romanet , one of the best books on Limoges and also Haviland (Jean d'Albis was a grandson of the Haviland family and is now deceased) ,Excellent condition.  $199Click for Larger Image







La Porcelaine De Limoges-International Buyers, email for rates.

$199 plus shipping
Dining on Rails by Richard Luckin

This reference has hundreds of pictures of china from Railroad, Traction Lines, Railroad Restaurants, Steamship, and numerous other commercial patterns. An outstanding reference including over 400 pages and over 50 pages of color pictures. 1998/2003 Fourth Edition. New.

Haviland China, volume 1 & 2 together with color swatches by Gertrude Jacobson $145 for both volumes together (Out-Of Print ) Click for Larger ImageClick for Larger Image




La Porcelaine De Limoges (German version Porzellan aud Limoges) by Jean d'Albis $150Click for Larger Image

Very good condition, dust jacket.

The Ranson Blank of Haviland Co. France, An Identification Guide, 2nd Edition By Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, 32 page book lists with Pictures all the Ranson pieces. Shipped via Priority mail.

$14 with $4.10 shipping/handling (USA only)

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$14 plus $4.10 US shipping


Haviland Collectibles by Mary Gaston, copyright 1984, no longer published, $60

Click for Larger Image

Very Rare book- Haviland by Jean d'Albis (grandson of Haviland's)  $125 (book is in both English and French)

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Grandmother's Haviland books (Out-Of Print ) by Harriet Young $50 

Grandmother's Haviland book-Click for Larger Picture 




Archival Book Covers for Haviland -related books with Dust Jackets to Protect them from use      $1.50 each

$1.50 each


Hand Painted China by Serry Wood (1953)  $30

Clcik for Larger Image




China Classics II- Haviland by Serry Wood  $50 Click for Larger PictureClick for Larger Picture



Other Items:Veruschka-Click for Larger Picture

 -WedgeWood Adams Veruschka China  

     (see more Veruschka here)





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