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For Your Favorite, Irreplaceable Haviland books

Book covers in Archival quality help prolong the life of your Favorite or Out-Of_print valuable books. They will help protect against dust, wear, tear and handling. Just slip the Book's Dust Jacket between the Book Cover's paper and archival polyester, fold over the open edge and crease the open edge over the dust jacket.  Clear.

The Book Covers offered at Haviland Online are 12 inches high by 26 inches long and fit the following Haviland related books with dust jackets:

1. Haviland China Volume One and Two by Gertrude Jacobson

2. Evolution of Haviland and China Design by Nora Travis, 2000

3. Haviland China: The Age of Elegance (Revised Price Guide, 1998)


Cost:  $1.50 each to protect your very valuable books.

To Order, send me an Email:  Cathy




    A Friend of mine has said, " You can never be too rich, too thin, or have Too much Haviland....."

Why Haviland Online?

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