French Haviland Patterns     

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Haviland Patterns: 19, 20, 42E, 57C, 67L 98, 420,525, 682var.
Haviland Named Patterns:   BergereCloverleaf, Mirabeau, Princess, Silver Anniversary
Theodore Haviland Patterns 

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Picture Pattern
Name  Blank Company
Haviland Silver Anniversary 19-Click for Larger Image  19 Silver Anniversary 19 Haviland & Co.
20 Creamer-Click for Larger Image 20 Creamer-Click for Larger Image  20 Mirabeau (shown), Donhoff, or Adelphi
(difference is cup shape)Mirabeau-Click for Larger Image
20 Haviland & Co.
42E= Click for Larger Image 42E= Click for Larger Image  42E    5 (Star) Haviland & Co.
57C- Click for Larger Image 57C- Click for Larger Image 57C  Princess 205 Haviland & Co.(1)
67L- Click for Larger Image 67L- Click for Larger Image 67L   5 (star),22

with gold

Haviland & Co.(1)
Click for Larger Image Click for Larger Image 98 Clover Leaf

(factory #21493)

Ranson with Gold is Blank 24 Haviland & Co.(1)
 420 Vegetable -Click for Larger Image 420 Vegetable -Click for Larger Image  420    411 with gold=420 early H & Co
Click for Larger Image   525   Ranson with Gold is Blank 24 Haviland & Co.
 628-Click for Larger Image 628-Click for Larger Image  682 variation  628-Click for Larger Image  5 (Star) Haviland & Co.
Click for Larger Image Click for Larger Image Bergere Bergere Theodore Haviland 1958
(Green underglaze- 1946-1962,
Red decorator mark- 1958)

(1) Complements of Darcy Williamson (darcyw on Ebay)



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